Summer Intern Sendoff - Thank You Drew McQuiston

Omega is wrapping up its summer internship program, which is part of a greater workforce development initiative.  We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge each of our interns and thank them for all their hard work.  This week's featured intern is Drew McQuiston.

Drew McQuiston

Drew McQuiston

Tell Us About Yourself.

I just graduated high school, and in the fall I will be attending the University of Delaware where I will major in mechanical engineering. My goal is to make things better in the world in any way I can through engineering. I own a business mowing lawns and I plan to swim on the club team at Delaware. Some of my other interests include running, playing frisbee, computer programming, and jumping on my pogo stick.

Why Manufacturing?

I had never worked in a manufacturing environment before Omega. Before coming here, I remember seeing big factory machines and being unable to fathom the first thing about how they would be created. I didn't know what to expect before coming to Omega, and I felt enlightened when I did. Being able to see the production process changed my perception of these machines, and I was surprised at how positive the manufacturing environment was working in the shop. I might one day pursue a career in manufacturing, but as a designer. I hope to come back here one day when my education is a little further along and see the engineering/designing side of Omega.

Tell Us About Your Internship.

One project I worked on during my time here was facilitating the construction of an old machine (one of Omega's first unscramblers; originally made around 1980) for novelty purposes. I learned how to use a band saw to cut blocks of aluminum and a knee mill to drill holes in the blocks. These blocks held the rails through which the bottles were sorted. I also helped work on a few new unscramblers. I drilled holes, attached lights, and put together a part called the agitator among other things. These machines have been here since I started this summer and it has been very cool to watch them come together. My other big project was helping with the installation of the new signs on the front and side of the building. I was measuring, drilling holes, and riding the lift up the side of the building to attach the sign letter by letter.
I've been told a number of times that it can be very useful as an engineer to have an understanding of the fabrication process that takes place after you design something. I have definitely gained valuable experience in understanding this process through my time here. Overall, I've loved my time at Omega. I have loved getting to know the fun people here and I have learned everything from operating large machinery to bolt specifications. I have enjoyed the work I have done and I have enjoyed the learning experience even more. I will never forget my internship and I only hope that my experience here will complement whatever work I do in the future.