Teaser Video: The New High Speed OMNI-Feeder Dispenses Desiccants Really, Really Fast

The second generation OMNI-Feeder, an all-in-one pouch and canister desiccant feeder, will debut with a live demonstration at the Pack Expo Chicago, Nov. 6-9, 2016. This patent-pending machine will amaze you with its speed and accuracy.

Watch as the feeder easily cuts and dispenses two pouches per bottle at a speed of 250 bottles per minute. Depending on the bottle size and desiccant requirements, the OMNI-Feeder can dispense up to 600 desiccants per minute. Now that is fast!

Be sure to stop by Omega's main booth in the South Hall #S-3530.

For more information on Omega's Desiccant Feeders, jump to: Desiccant Feeding.