Dream It Do It - 2017 Student Video Contest


Omega employees were recently interviewed by a small team of eighth graders from Lionville Middle School to share 'What's So Cool About Manufacturing.' The team was paired with Omega as part of a contest being held in various counties across the state of Pennsylvania, to help raise awareness of manufacturing careers.

The “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing” Video Contest is a growing initiative that started in the Lehigh Valley a few years ago. The initiative provides small teams of high school students with a GoPro camera and assigns them to a local manufacturer.  The teams create short video profiles of their assigned companies and the career opportunities they offer. 

Chester and Delaware Counties Contest

This year was the second student video contest in the region and the second time Omega was invited to participate.  It was producedby Manufacturing Alliance of Chester and Delaware Counties (MACDC) and involves 14 schools and 14 manufacturers. An award ceremony will take place on March 14, 2017 to acknowledge the manufacturers and to announce the student team winners.

The four awards this year are for “Outstanding Editing”, “Outstanding Cool”, “Outstanding Videography”, and “The Viewer’s Choice”. The last award, “The Viewer’s Choice” requires the community to go online and vote for the video they like the best.

Omega appreciates the hard work presented by the Lionville Middle School students and by all of the participants in this year's competition. Please take a few moments to view their video submissions and to submit your vote for the "Viewer's Choice" award.

View the Student Submissions and Vote!