Omega Wins a Coveted CBIZ Next Practice Award for Self Leadership

Omega Design received a tremendous honor within the insurance and wellness field and is happy to announce that CBIZ, the leading professional provider of finance and employee management consulting, awarded Omega with a 2017 Edington CBIZ Next Practice Award for Self-Leadership (Pillar III)

This Edington CBIZ Next Practice Award highlights Omega's "pioneering out-of-the-box approaches in their wellbeing programs to improve employee participation and outcomes and enrich the culture of the workplace".

Dr. Dee Edington is the grandfather of workplace wellness, having spent many years at the University of Michigan researching the topic.  The Edington CBIZ Next Practice Awards recognizes employers that are implementing innovative wellbeing programs and practices in one or more of these five pillars outlined by Dr. Dee Edington:

  •     Pillar I: Senior Leadership (engaged and committed leadership)
  •     Pillar II: Operational Leadership (positive environment, culture and climate)
  •     Pillar III: Self-Leadership (self-leadership and positive individual health)
  •     Pillar IV: Recognition and Rewards (positive personal motivation)
  •     Pillar V: Quality Assurance (measure and communicate what matters)

In addition, Omega was also honored with a “Great Beginnings Award in Senior Leadership (Pillar I)".  The Great Beginnings Awards recognizes organizations that are on the short path to becoming Next Practice Award winners.

About CBIZ

Named one of America’s 2015 Best Employers and ranked as the #1 employer in the consulting and accounting industry by Forbes magazine, CBIZ, Inc. provides professional business services that help clients better manage their finances and employees. CBIZ provides its clients with financial services including accounting, tax, financial advisory, government health care consulting, risk advisory, real estate consulting, and valuation services. Employee services include employee benefits consulting, property and casualty insurance, retirement plan consulting, payroll, life insurance, HR consulting, and executive recruitment. As one of the nation’s largest brokers of employee benefits and property and casualty insurance, and one of the largest accounting and valuation companies in the United States, the Company’s services are provided through more than 100 Company offices in 33 states.

Omega Exhibits at the Veterans Career and Wellness Expo

On Saturday, May 20, 2017, Omega Design exhibited at the Veterans Career, Wellness, and Education Expo at the Chester Counter Technical College High School in Downingtown, Pa.

The goal of the expo was "to connect returning veterans with the services and support they need and deserve. Many veterans are not aware of all that is available to them, and [this expo] is our part to inform them."

The Omega family has a long history of past and present employees and their relatives serving in the Armed Forces.  Omega's founder, Robert Woll Siegele, served in the Korean War as a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with the 578th Engineer Battalion.

Omega was proud to sponsor this event.

Spring Recap 2017: Omega is Proudly Committed to Educating Kids on Manufacturing and STEM Careers

Omega proudly supports Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) education and regularly engages with organizations to develop and support new and existing initiatives within the community.  Omega's workforce understands that knowledge is the key to a successful future.  Many employees wholeheartedly embrace the values behind STEM and will ask to volunteer whenever possible. 

Here is a recap of the events that Omega participated in during the Spring of 2017:


School Tour

In April, Omega's held its highly praised, 4th annual, Machines in Motion Tour. This half-day event gave more than 120 third grade students, from Owen J Roberts elementary school, the opportunity to see and experience the six simple machines (lever, wedge, pulley, ramp, screw, and the wheel and axle) in operation. Kids rotated through eight unique stations that included: catapults, bottle races, and weight lifts with pulleys.


Kids at Work

For the 2nd year, Omega hosted a Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (ages 8-18). The fun-packed day began with an egg-drop ice breaker, where pairs of kids used packaging materials to build a container that could hold and protect an egg from a 2-story drop. (FYI: No eggs survived). Later, the kids were engaged with team building exercises, a tour, job shadowing, and several opportunities to see the value of education.


Girls Expo

Girls Exploring Tomorrow's Technology (GETT) is an annual regional expo (for girls grades 5-10). Omega's women-led team ran a booth at the show for the second year. They shared stories of how their STEM careers are fulfilling, rewarding, and fun. Visitors at Omega's booth also learned the importance of packaging automation from machine videos on display and by engaging in a hands-on booth activity. More than 800 girls and 300 parents attended the event.

Design Contest

For its third year, Omega employees went to Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) to serve as volunteer judges in the annual STEM Design Competition (for grades 4-8). Twenty elementary schools in the region sent a team of four students to the competition, where kids used K'Nex snap-fit pieces and motors to assemble a custom structure that meets specific design criteria. Teams were then judged on their design, creativity, presentation, notes, aesthetics, and teamwork.

Video Contest

For its second year, Omega participated in the Chester and Delaware County What's So Cool About Manufacturing student-led video contest.  The initiative provides small teams of school students with a GoPro camera and assigns them to a local manufacturer.  The teams create short video profiles of their assigned companies and the career opportunities they offer.  Lionville Middle School team won the coveted "Cool Video" award for its profile of Omega.

Omega Delivers an Amazing Experience to Elementary Students for the 4th Year

Omega Design hosted its fourth annual Machines in Motion tour at its facility in Exton, Pa on Thursday, April 20, 2017. 

More than 120 third grade students, along with 30 chaperones and teachers, from East Coventry Elementary attended the half-day event to learn how Omega uses simple machines in manufacturing.  Students were divided into groups, which then rotated through eight diverse, hands-on stations focusing on packaging automation and the six simple machines (lever, wheel and axel, pulley, ramp, wedge, screw).

Each Spring since 2014, Omega has hosted this event to supplement lessons being taught in the classroom. The majority of Omega’s employees contribute in some form or another, such as acting as a tour guide, designing and running a tour station, communicating the event, and ensuring all guests have a safe and fun visit. 

Omega proudly supports Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) education and regularly engages with organizations to develop and support new and existing initiatives within the community. 

Employee Spotlight: Kourtney Caspersen

Omega congratulates Kourtney Caspersen for receiving the MACCDC Volunteer of the Year Award.

The Manufacturing Alliance of Chester and Delaware Counties (MACCDC) promotes the growth of the manufacturing industry by providing workforce and economic development services to partnering companies. 

Kourtney Caspersen is the Chair of the Youth Committee of the MACCDC and recently received praise for her efforts behind the regional, student-led video contest, What's So Cool About Manufacturing.  The goal of her committee is to reach out to students, educators, and parents to show, and to encourage them to pursue, the many career opportunities in manufacturing.  Ultimately, the committee hopes to improve the workforce pipeline by debunking any negative misconceptions about the manufacturing industry, highlighting manufacturing careers, and developing experiential education pathways.

Kourtney is highly active with Omega's community outreach initiatives. She has lead multiple efforts in support of Girls Exploring Tomorrow's Technology (GETT), which is an annual day-long event (expo / workshops) aimed at girls in grades 5-10 to learn about career opportunities in a broad scope of STEM related industries.

According to one of the officials who nominated Kourtney for the volunteer-of-the-year award:

“I would like to officially nominate Kourtney Caspersen for her continuous and enthusiastic support of the Alliance.
Her leadership of the Youth Committee and active participation on the board and at partnership meetings have been a great asset to the Alliance. She is a tireless and effective spokesperson and has risen to all challenges presented to her. She has committed significant personal time contributing to What's So Cool About Manufacturing, the GETT conference, robotic demonstration to Owen J Roberts School District robot fair and to Alliance Networking events to name a few.”

Thanks for all of your hard work, Kourtney!

Happy Holidays

Seasons Greetings!

The team at Omega wishes you the best throughout the holiday season and looks forward to serving you in 2017. 

Holiday Shutdown

As a reminder, please note that our facility will be shut down from Monday (Dec. 26th) through Friday (Dec. 30th). 

The Angel Tree

Omega is grateful to have been a part of this season's local Angel Tree giving program, whose aim is to deliver a message of hope by providing some new toys at Christmas to less fortunate youngsters.  Organized through the Community Youth and Women's Alliance (CYWA) in Coatesville, Pa, Omega received several Christmas wish lists from area children. Employees volunteered to purchase and wrap gifts, and deliver them to CYWA for distribution to the children.


Wellness Committee is Making an Impact

Throughout 2016, Omega’s newly implemented Wellness Committee has made extraordinary efforts to promote and encourage healthy living. It’s worth a moment to reflect on some of these initiatives and thank the team that’s making us all feel better.

Healthy Snack Alternatives

In Omega’s lunchroom, it is hard to miss the wicker baskets filled with delicious bananas, apples, oranges, raisins, lightly salted cashews and almonds.  These items are delivered fresh each day, available at near cost, and are strategically placed on a table besides the chip, candy and soda machines. (Disclosure: It is surprisingly difficult to insert a dollar into a vending machine when there is a ripe banana available for $0.25.)  A micro refrigerator will soon expand Omega’s snack options with yogurts, vitamin drinks, and other health-conscious cold items.

Morning Stretch

Each morning, employees voluntarily meet out on the Production floor for a head-to-toe stretch session. Guided by an Omega employee, the group works through a series of stretches to move their necks, backs, arms, torsos, and legs. Over the past two months, these five-minute sessions have attracted up to 20% (and growing) of the company’s employees. Stretching has numerous physiological benefits for workers: it reduces fatigue and improves muscular balance, posture and muscular coordination. In addition, the morning stretch is a fantastic way to promote a healthy, safe and team culture at Omega.

Ride-a-Bike Program

One of the Wellness Committee’s newest initiatives is its Ride-a-Bike Program. The committee purchased four variable speed bicycles and a bike rack. Employees are encouraged to borrow a bike during their breaks to enjoy a ride around the tree-lined industrial park.

Wellness Newsletters

The Wellness Committee subscribes to a third-party newsletter that provides employees with advice and resources to achieve a satisfying work-life balance, reduce stress, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The Lunch-and-Learn information sessions are held during an extended lunch break and are open to all employees.  The session topics vary, but they generally reinforce the health theme published in that month's Wellness Newsletter. 

For the first Lunch-and-Learn, Omega invited a local registered dietician to help the company learn about healthy choices and healthy portions. Later, a care provider visited Omega and introduced the “Stress Reduction Toolbox,” which included practical tips for reducing stress. The next Lunch-and-Learn is designed around the "5-Buckets Principle" for work-life balance. This fun and interactive seminar will help employees identify and prioritize what is and should be important to them.

Sit-Stand Desk Converters

For employees who desire flexibility at their workstations, Omega is offering a solution that lets someone easily convert their sitting desk to a standing desk in a few seconds. Research has linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of health concerns, including obesity and increased blood pressure. The impact of movement, even leisurely movement, can be profound. Research recommends that healthy living behind the desk starts with standing up and moving at least every half hour.  

Wellness Committee

Many thanks to Omega’s Wellness Committee:  Dave S., Jason C., Cheryl E., Paul S., and Joanne R.

Summer Kickoff in the Shade

Omega Design kicked off its summer with a company-wide meeting and picnic at its Exton, Pa facility on Thursday, June 29, 2016. Around seventy employees attended the event to reflect on the company's growth and future, to enjoy the sunny weather, and to hang out with food, drinks, and some lawn games.

At the meeting, President Glenn Siegele praised the employees for their collective efforts, persistence and creativity with helping the company make significant strides towards its overall vision.  In addition, Siegele introduced the newest members to the team and personally thanked several employees with 10- and 25-year service awards.

Through Kids Eyes: Watch the Video Recap of Omega's 2016 Machines in Motion Tour

Recently, and for the third year in a row, Omega Design hosted an all-day, hands-on tour at its facility for approximately 80 local students and teachers.

Omega's Machines in Motion tour was designed around the six simple machines (pulleys, levers, wedges, screws, inclined planes and wheels and axles), which are the simplest mechanisms that use mechanical advantage (or leverage) to multiply force. By rotating students in small groups through a series of stations, the third graders saw how the simple machines that they have been learning about in class are combined to produce more complex machines.

The Machines in Motion Tour is part of Omega's larger strategy focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curricula, community outreach and workforce development.

Machines in Motion video:

Six simple machines

Omega's Sympathies - Fran Petrella

Omega Design Corporation is flying the American flag at half-staff in honor of Fran “Frannie” Petrella, a good friend and retired employee who died on Wednesday, January 20, 2016. Fran worked as the company’s Production Manager from 1981 until his retirement in 1998.  Up until his passing, Fran continued to serve Omega through his plate engraving business, Just-n-Graving.  Omega extends its sympathies to Fran’s family and friends.

Fran Petrella