Desiccant Feeders

Omega offers a wide range of canister and pouch inserting equipment, for desiccants or oxygen absorbers, including standalone machines that can be easily moved into place over an existing stretch of conveyor. Alternatively, clients might seek to maximize floor space and potentially reduce costs by integrating canister feeding capability into an Omega Bottle Unscrambler.

Omega's Desiccant Feeders are variable speed, standalone delivery systems that can deliver single or multiple drops to bottles.

Options for Canister Desiccants

  • OMNI-Feeder (handles both pouches and canisters)
  • Model CDF (Starwheel Dispensing Assembly)
  • Model CDFS (Shuttle Dispensing Assembly)

Options for Pouch Desiccants

  • OMNI-Feeder (handles both pouches and canisters)
  • Pouch Feeder (Model PDF)


Have You Considered Integrating a Desiccant Feeding System Inside an Omega Bottle Unscrambler?

  • Reduce capital equipment costs
  • Maximize floor space

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