User Manuals

Omega delivers detailed, highly customized and award-winning user documentation to its clients in two formats. The hard copy contains the user manual printed in color and bound in a flexible, polypropylene 3-ring binder. The electronic copy is saved as a PDF file on the Project Files USB drive, which is included with the binder.

Manuals cover the following topics:

  • Safety

  • Installation

  • Machine Description and Theory of Operation

  • Operation and Changeover Procedures

  • Screens and Alarms

  • Machine Settings

  • Maintenance and Lubrication

  • Troubleshooting

  • Parts Lists and Drawings

In addition, the Project Files USB drive includes other files such as drawings and control programs in their native formats. Omega provides vendor manuals, datasheets, and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) whenever possible.



Omega Design has the tools and skills to prepare your staff to effectively and safely operate your packaging machinery.

We can provide on-site equipment training. Omega’s course instructors are friendly, articulate, and certified by the Packaging Machinery Manufacturer’s Institute (PMMI). Plus, they all have extensive mechanical, electrical and programming knowledge of your machine.