You need to get the project done, but …

  • there’s no time to find, hire, and train skilled labor

  • there’s no budget to ramp up production

  • you are missing a crucial resource

  • you just need a little help with manufacturing

We can help.

Omega can support your low-volume design, machining, prototyping, and electro-mechanical assembly requirements.

For fifty years, Omega has designed and manufactured automated machines. We have a rich history with product development and industrial manufacturing, and a deep empathy for the challenges tied to production constraints. In the wake of the U.S. Recession in 2008, Omega established its Manufacturing Support Division to convert excess manufacturing capacity into a reliable service for local businesses. Today, this division continues to serve as a local lifeline for businesses facing their own production constraints.

We offer:

Design - Manufacturing

Design Services

  • General engineering: mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, motion control

  • 3D CAD modeling using Solidworks

  • Jig, fixture, tooling and change part design

Fabrication - Manufacturing

Fabrication Services

  • General machining: milling, lathing, cutting, tapping, MIG & TIG Welding

  • Advanced machining on a 5-axis CNC

  • 3D-Printing: End-use parts (Nylon) with option to reinforce with carbon fiber, fiberglass or Kevlar

Assembly - Manufacturing

Assembly & Inspection Services

  • Machine assembly, wiring and testing

  • Control panel assembly, wiring and testing

  • Part inspection using Coordinated Measuring Machine (CMM)

Support - Manufacturing

Support Services

  • Sourcing, purchasing, receiving, and kitting

  • Shipping logistics

  • Documentation and training

  • Technical field service

Being ready for production means

knowing who to call when you need help.

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