Pharma Expo Q&A with Chris Siegele

Omega's Serialization Specialist, Chris Siegele, answered an exclusive Pharmaceutical Processing questionnaire to share more about Omega Design, its technologies, and some of the upcoming trends in the industry.

Some of the questions addressed include:

  • Tell us about your company. Specifically, what do you do and what are some of the areas that you excel in?
  • What are some of the major innovations that have taken place in your industry in recent years? How has it impacted operations?
  • What are the biggest challenges in your industry? How have companies endeavored to address this?
  • Where do you see the most room for growth within your industry?
  • What are the biggest markets of your industry and why do you think that is?

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Press Release: Omega becomes partner-in-residence at Systech Headquarters

Omega Design Corporation, a global provider of packaging machinery, serialization solutions, and bottle unscrambling technology has become a partner-in-residence at Systech International, based in Princeton, NJ, a global leader in serialization, track-and-trace, authentication, and trusted consumer engagement.

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Track and Trace Roundtable in American Pharmaceutical Review

Glenn Siegele, President of Omega Design Corporation, was one of three featured panelists in a serialization roundtable article published in the American Pharmaceutical Review.

Questions asked include:

  • Many regulations for track-and trace and serialization are still being finalized. What advice can you give to a pharma company that wants to be prepared?
  • What anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion technologies show the most promise to thwart illegal activities and why?
  • What are some of the biggest barriers to implement track and trace technologies? Cost? Complexity? Lack of regulatory guidelines?
  • What segment of the industry is really driving advances in track and trace/serialization? Government? Industry? Vendors? Why? Who has the most to gain, or lose?
  • Do you foresee regulatory agencies around the globe coming to a joint consensus on track and trace regulations in the near future?

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Collaboration: Systech and Omega

Omega's collaboration with Systech was cited in Contract Pharma Magazine in April 2016 in the Collaborations & Alliances section.


Systech International, a provider of brand protection technologies, wilI now offer its UniSolve serialization software as an inte­grated solution with Omega Design Corp. - a global provider of packaging machin­ery, serialization solutions, and bottle un­scrambling technology.

UniSolve, Systech's serialization soft­ware will be available in an all-in-one, pre-configured offering from Omega. The companies have a history of collaboration and Systech's software is frequently used as part of Omega's deployments.

"For the last 8 years, we have part­nered with Systech to deploy world class material handling integrated with their serialization software," said Glenn Siegele, president of Omega. "Combin­ing our product offerings into a single solution anticipates the critical need for rapid deployment as many of our clients face looming global deadlines to protect the supply chain."

In partnering with Systech's UniSolve software, Omega can now deliver rapid deployment, pre-configured serialization modules in as little as 60 days, accord­ing to the company. The solution offers one integrated manual, integrated single validation documents and a combined Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) that helps streamline the site integration and valida­tion process.

"Demand for our supply chain solu­tions has exploded as the need for en­terprise serialization, track and trace, authentication and regulatory compli­ance expands in adjacent markets such as food and beverage, retail and con­sumer products," notes Lou Arace, chief operating officer, Systech. "Our global clientele has long relied on Omega and Systech to protect their brands, their bottom line, and-most importantly­ their consumers."