Omega is Building Stronger Workers, Stronger Manufacturers, and a Stronger America.

Omega advises and partners with educational institutions, governing bodies, and manufacturers to identify and fill industry training gaps, to provide work opportunities, and to promote U.S. manufacturing in general as a viable and rewarding career option.

Omega USA Manufacturing

Manufacturing Careers

Although 'making' and 'assembling' things are critical to our industry, manufacturing careers can be quite diverse.  Omega is always interested in qualified candidates to fill roles such as:

  • Administrative
  • Technical Sales
  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Production, Wiring and Fabrication
  • Service and Customer Support
  • General Support

Generally, to fill these positions, Omega seeks candidates who first match our culture of flexibility, creativity and collaboration, and also who have experience or formal education in one of these desired backgrounds:

  • Engineering Skills (Mechanical / Electrical / Robotic)
  • Information Technology (Programming / Network Administration)
  • Trade Skills (Fabrication / Wiring / Assembly)
  • Data Skills (Accounting, Purchasing, Data Analysis)
  • Communication Skills (Marketing, Graphic Arts)

On-Going Opportunities

Omega is committed to personal development and the growth of the U.S. Manufacturing sector and will provide educational opportunities whenever possible. Students, recent graduates, and professionals of all skill levels are encouraged to reach out to us. We would love to hear if you have specific manufacturing or educational goals in mind and think we can help. We might be able to customize a mutually beneficial program, if one doesn't already exist:

  • Summer Internships (Click here to read about our past internships)
  • Senior Design Projects (University of Delaware, Penn State University - Great Valley)
  • Year-Round Apprenticeships
  • Employee Training, Certification, and Educational Reimbursement

In this video, we talk about how collaborative robots will serve a critical role in our client’s packaging lines in the coming years and how Omega wants to lead this effort. With our own Baxter, we shall challenge our team to push further into serialization, while continuing to help our community embrace this manufacturing technology. Baxter aligns perfectly with Omega’s vision to Build Stronger Workers, Stronger Manufacturers and a Stronger America.

Omega Design invited local high school students to spend a half day at its manufacturing facility in Exton, Pa (April 2015). The students were broken into small groups that rotated through various stations. The stations included Sales, Project Management, Engineering, Service, Fabrication , Purchasing, and Assembly.  Afterwards, there was a lunch and panel discussion featuring representatives from local colleges. This event was part of Omega's STEM initiatives, helping to raise awareness and interest in the U.S. manufacturing economy.