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+ Senior Mechanical Designer

Leading edge OEM packaging machinery designer and manufacturer with a strong commitment to employees and community is seeking a Senior Mechanical Designer.

Engineering Standards & Processes:

  • Strives to create, maintain and update ‘standardized’ components and assembly solutions. Uses industry knowledge and foresight to develop solutions with broad applicability that minimize the need for future project-related (i.e., ‘unique’) re-design effort

  • Participates in developing and maintaining engineering standards for mechanical engineering group and company products overall. Provides broad technical expertise across all company products as relates to their mechanical makeup

  • Seeks to constantly improve the design methodology and practices and recommend changes to procedure or necessary purchases of enabling software, programs or other technologies

Concepting & Design:

  • Produces complete 3D models in compliance with Omega standards for 3D modeling, including appropriate use of file management software and related design practices, with infrequent errors or omissions

  • In conjunction with the department Sr. ME, provide time estimates for design effort that will be used to set initial project pricing and thereafter, meet job time budget allowances

  • For projects with significant complexity, performance or cost implications, and either individually or in conjunction with input from others, develops one or more conceptual 3D models and presents for review

  • Applies the principles of DFMIAS1 in developing concepts and component details

  • Researches and recommends commercial components as necessary that when included will fulfill the design intent, performance and cost objectives

  • Produce detailed 2D drawings with attendant tolerancing, including GD&T as necessary, to minimize ambiguity and assure that 100% of parts produced in conformance with these drawings will contribute to satisfying the final design intent of the parent (sub-) assembly, with infrequent errors or omissions

  • Devise and enter into the company ERP system product part numbers and structure that properly define part and assembly relationships, with infrequent errors or omissions;

  • Supports shop floor by evaluating existing design deficiencies and implementing improvements that improve shop efficiency and product quality.


  • Regularly works with other engineers, service, shop personnel and other company stakeholders to solicit input leading to an optimal design that best addresses their concerns for:

    • cost-effective procurement and future support/availability

    • ease of assembly and test; (mistake proof design, self-aligning features, minimal need for assembly fixturing, special tooling or proprietary outside manufacturing processes)

    • ease of field service

    • cost and

    • functional performance and other design objectives like MTBF, MTTR2, etc., final decisions for which will usually require the involvement and approval of the Lead ME and/or Lead EE.

  • Collaborates with outside part suppliers as necessary to clarify drawing details so that parts are produced that will satisfy higher-level assembly design intent

  • Collaborates with Omega’s mechanical inspector to assure each part’s inspectability,

  • Collaborates with independent engineering services providers as required, to assure that sub-contracted designs meet Omega’s requirements for 3D and 2D work-product

  • Uses various written and verbal sources to clarify and develop an understanding of the needs and then a corresponding design intent for projects and assignments

  • Attends and participates in related meetings as required

  • Participates in coordinating activities to ensure that design, manufacturing, and operational testing conform to functional specifications and customer requirements

  • May input to, or update, the Master Schedule used to track progress and plan department designers’ capacity

Provides Guidance

  • May assign and oversee the work of other mechanical designers, providing guidance and direction, checking their work for completeness, accuracy, timeliness and conformance to Omega design practices

  • Participates in the training of new engineering staff

  • Periodically attend seminars to keep current with new software revisions or new design methodologies and enabling technologies.

  • Promotes innovation in design, processes and technology


  • Minimum eight years’ experience designing progressively more complex electromechanical assemblies and machines using 3D modeling (preferably SolidWorks) and 2D software.

  • Expertise at developing multi-level product structures and structuring same in commercial ERP systems.

  • Good working knowledge of various plastic, metal and other materials, their properties, and applicability to achieving design objectives.

  • Good working knowledge of relevant commercial components: e.g.; motors, gearboxes, bearings, pneumatics, hardware, etc. and their suitability / applicability to achieving design objectives.

  • Good familiarity with common manufacturing and fabrication methodologies (e.g., various types of machining, welding, sheet metal forming, etc.) and the capabilities/limitations of those processes for producing forms and shapes and with varying degrees of precision and repeatability.

  • Excellent working knowledge of component tolerancing and especially GD&T, so that multi-part assemblies always fulfill the design intent when those individual components have been manufactured in compliance with the detail drawings.

  • Demonstrated ability to devise creative and innovative solutions that maximize performance and profitability.


  • Associate's degree (A.S.) in CAD, Mechanical Engineering Technology or related field with 8+ years of progressively more responsible experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


  • Medical / dental / vision / life insurance
  • Short and long term disability insurance
  • Flexible spending plans
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Matching 401(k) program
  • Eleven paid holidays per year
  • Flexible hours
  • Employee training and development
  • Advancement opportunities

+ Field Service Controls Tech

Leading edge OEM packaging machinery designer and manufacturer with a strong commitment to employees and community is seeking a Field Service Controls Tech.

Field Service responsibilities will include travel to customer locations as needed to provide electrical and mechanical support for new and existing Omega machines.

  • Development and modification of machine control programs including, but not limited to, PLCs, HMIs, vision systems, robotic systems, and motion control systems
  • Development and modification of panel layouts and wiring schematics using AutoCad.
  • Support efforts to revise and update current product offerings through change requests and continuous improvement
  • Product Research and specification as required to support new product development and/or changes to existing equipment
  • Assist in ongoing training of field service technicians as needed to keep them up to speed on current electrical and programming standards.
  • Provide support to field service technicians as required in the areas of electrical and program troubleshooting
  • Travel to customer sites to install new machines and troubleshoot and repair existing machines.
  • Train customer personnel in the setup and use of Omega machines.
  • Assist in the development of improvements to Omega’s machines through field experience.


  • Working knowledge and hands on experience with mechanical and electrical assembly as well as the ability to operate machine and hand tools; welding experience a plus
  • PLC and HMI programming skills with special emphasis on Allen Bradley
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to relate to customer needs
  • Ability to travel a minimum of 50% of the time
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Auto Cad experience with panel layouts and wiring schematics
  • Knowledge of motion control systems including servo motors, stepper motors and drives
  • Robotics experience with emphasis on Fanuc

An Associate’s Degree and/or technical training school or equivalent combination of education and hands on experience of 5 years.


  • Medical / dental / vision / life insurance
  • Short and long term disability insurance
  • Flexible spending plans
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Matching 401(k) program
  • Eleven paid holidays per year
  • Flexible hours
  • Employee training and development
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Continuous improvement culture

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