Omega uses a “sorter disc” to help orient bottles into a single file inside the pre-orienter on its bottle unscramblers. The standard sorter disc is a change part that has a specific diameter and height, which varies per bottle. Removing and storing these change parts during changeover can be awkward and time consuming, especially for a single operator.

Omega’s Adjustable Sorter Disc assembly features a “one-size-fits-all” sorter disc with overlapping flaps that easily fan in and out to accommodate different bottle sizes. All adjustments are made by simply rotating a scaled hand wheel located beneath the pre-orienter.


  • Reduces change part storage and handling
  • Ergonomic design that is smaller and more lightweight than traditional drop chutes
  • Quick, repeatable settings
  • FDA-approved contact surfaces: HDPE and Teflon-coated stainless steel
  • Compatible with adjustable sorter and motorized lid assemblies


  • Profile: wide-mouth, round plastic bottles
  • Diameter: 1” up to 4.5”
  • Length: 2” up to 9”