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"Simply the best buying path for anyone seeking high value packaging equipment at a low entry point." 

- Mark Pezone


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What makes Omega's IMPACT Series so different?

The challenges you face in an evolving and regulated landscape doesn't appear to get any easier. Your competition gets tougher. Budgets gets tighter.  Your resources needed to properly vet a manufacturer and its solutions are harder to find. With fifty years of packaging experience, Omega has built an outstanding reputation for making our customers' lives easier. 

Omega's IMPACT Series is an alternative buying path available for select models of Bottle Unscramblers, Desiccant Feeders, and Shrinkbundlers.  It provides a way for companies of all sizes to obtain high value packaging automation equipment at a low entry point, without having to compromise on its construction, performance or support. 

The IMPACT Series lets customers configure a best-in-class design with a range of qualified options that have been fully engineered and documented. This standardized approach strikes a balance between low project complexity and customer flexibility.

Packaging Machinery Made in the USA

Benefits of the IMPACT Series:

  • Low Cost Configurations (save 20-40%)

  • Accelerated Lead Times (6-10 weeks)

  • Readily Available Documents

  • Simple Buying Process

  • Reliable, Trusted MachineS

  • Amazing Service Network


High quality packaging machines

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