Omega Flashback: The Beginning of the Automatic Plastic Bottle Unscrambler

Look Back in Time

Lately, there have been many opportunities to reflect on Omega's history as the company readies a celebratory event around the life of its late founder, Robert Siegele. This blog post takes a brief look at the first automatic plastic bottle unscrambling machine (rotary / rail-style orienting device).

A Visionary Path

In the 1960s, Robert Siegele served as a manufacturers representative and proprietor of the R.W. Siegele Co.  As a successful salesman with an entrepreneurial spirit, he often found himself on the road, listening to customers, and trying to sell them Cappers, Fillers and other processing equipment. 

Back then, glass bottles were the predominant form of packaging in the Pharma industry for oral and solid dose drugs.  Yet, glass was a challenge to work with due to weight, breakage, and the manual labor needed to get bottles onto a conveyor. By the late sixties, customers began asking Siegele how they could process a new type of bottle made of plastic, which was emerging as a disposable packaging material that could be easier to handle and cheaper to manufacture.  Sensing an industry-wide change, and a market opportunity, Siegele and three others began working on an automatic machine to usher in this new packaging era.

Siegele began work on bottle processing equipment, including the original Bottle Unscrambler, in this 10'x20' shed in the back of machine shop in Frazer, Pa.

Siegele began work on bottle processing equipment, including the original Bottle Unscrambler, in this 10'x20' shed in the back of machine shop in Frazer, Pa.

The Original Automatic Bottle Unscrambling Machine

In April 1967, the co-founders of Omega filed, and later received, a patent for a motor driven orienting device, which was better known as Omega's Model L Plastic Bottle Unscrambler.  The machine was designed to receive bottles from a supply station and invert them, if needed, into the upright position by sliding the bottles along suitably shaped metal rails. By 1971, there was a steady demand for Omega's rail-style Bottle Unscrambler, which companies across several industries (Pharma, Food & Beverage, Consumer Health, Chemical) could rely on to speed up their packaging lines.

Omega Design USPTO.jpg

Imagine What It Was Like

Here is a fun, old timey video that was recently recorded to show an early rail-style bottle unscrambler in action.  This machine is currently at Omega's facility and was on display at a private event celebrating the life of Robert Siegele.

Fire Safety and Prevention Week

In the spirit of Fire Prevention Week, several Omega employees participated in classroom and hands on fire prevention training. This training is part of Omega’s broader commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace environment for all employees and guests.

Many thanks to Marco Incorporated, the fire protection specialists who battled today’s rainy weather to provide us with this important safety training.

Here are 3 Great Alternatives to Purchasing Used Packaging Equipment

Are you ready for a new Bottle Unscrambler, Desiccant Feeder or Shrinkbundler?

More often than not, the cost of packaging equipment will drive your purchasing decision. Sometimes this means your only option is to settle for an imperfect, used solution and hope for the best.

Fortunately, Omega offers solutions to give you what you want without worrying about the cost.

1) Take advantage of Omega's new low cost machine configurations

Omega recently introduced the IMPACT Series of Packaging Equipment for select models of its Bottle Unscramblers, Desiccant Feeders, and Shrinkbundlers. This alternative, low cost purchasing option lets customers configure their new machines from a range of qualified options. In addition to saving 20-40% off traditional, quote-based offerings, customers will benefit from much shorter lead times without compromising on construction, performance or technical support.

  • Low Cost: Save 20-40%
  • Fast Delivery: 6-10 week lead times
  • High Quality: Best-in-class performance
  • Trusted Service: Relied upon, worldwide, for over 50 years

2) Trade-up or sell back existing equipment

Do you have an existing Omega machine?  Would you like to sell it to Omega or trade-up for a new IMPACT Series machine? It is easier than you think. Give us a call to discuss what's possible: 1 (610)-363-6555

3) Creative financing

Did you know that Omega and its partners can work with you to establish a financing solution tailored to your specific needs?

One great option is a Lease Purchase, where you can make low, fixed payments towards a new machine with the option to purchase it at the end of the term.

Check out the Benefits of Leasing or contact Omega to learn more.

What's So Cool About Manufacturing - 2018 Contest Voting Open

From Feb. 14-16th, the public can cast their votes for the Viewer's Choice Award in the the 2018 What's So Cool About Manufacturing (Chester and Delaware Counties) video contest. 

In December 2017, a team of students from the Phoenixville school district came to Omega Design's manufacturing facility prepared to film equipment and interview employees. With guidance from their coach, the team learned to script, record, and edit their video stories. This marks the third consecutive year that Omega has participated in this student-led video contest to answer "What's So Cool About Manufacturing". The contest’s main objective is to change perceptions about manufacturing careers.

Watch the Video Entries and Vote

Take a few minutes to appreciate the students' hard work, while learning about manufacturers in our area. You can access the videos here:

Be sure to cast your vote for your favorite video before Friday, Feb. 16th.  Winners will be announced at a formal Awards Ceremony in Malvern, Pa on Mar. 6th.

More Info

Omega routinely partners with the Manufacturing Alliance of Chester and Delaware Counties (MACCDC) and other local organizations to raise awareness and interest in manufacturing careers.

Happy Holidays - See You in the New Year


Seasons Greetings!

The team at Omega wishes you the best throughout the holiday season and looks forward to serving you in 2018. 

Holiday Shutdown

As a reminder, please note that our facility will be shut down from Monday (Dec. 25th) through Monday (Jan. 1st). 

The Angel Tree

Once more, the employees at Omega were generous participants in this season's local Angel Tree giving program. The program's aim is to deliver a message of hope by providing some new toys at Christmas to less fortunate youngsters. Organized through the Community Youth and Women's Alliance (CYWA) in Coatesville, Pa, Omega received several Christmas wish lists from area children. Employees volunteered to purchase and wrap gifts, and deliver them to CYWA for distribution to the children.

Omega Wins a Coveted CBIZ Next Practice Award for Self Leadership

Omega Design received a tremendous honor within the insurance and wellness field and is happy to announce that CBIZ, the leading professional provider of finance and employee management consulting, awarded Omega with a 2017 Edington CBIZ Next Practice Award for Self-Leadership (Pillar III)

This Edington CBIZ Next Practice Award highlights Omega's "pioneering out-of-the-box approaches in their wellbeing programs to improve employee participation and outcomes and enrich the culture of the workplace".

Dr. Dee Edington is the grandfather of workplace wellness, having spent many years at the University of Michigan researching the topic.  The Edington CBIZ Next Practice Awards recognizes employers that are implementing innovative wellbeing programs and practices in one or more of these five pillars outlined by Dr. Dee Edington:

  •     Pillar I: Senior Leadership (engaged and committed leadership)
  •     Pillar II: Operational Leadership (positive environment, culture and climate)
  •     Pillar III: Self-Leadership (self-leadership and positive individual health)
  •     Pillar IV: Recognition and Rewards (positive personal motivation)
  •     Pillar V: Quality Assurance (measure and communicate what matters)

In addition, Omega was also honored with a “Great Beginnings Award in Senior Leadership (Pillar I)".  The Great Beginnings Awards recognizes organizations that are on the short path to becoming Next Practice Award winners.

About CBIZ

Named one of America’s 2015 Best Employers and ranked as the #1 employer in the consulting and accounting industry by Forbes magazine, CBIZ, Inc. provides professional business services that help clients better manage their finances and employees. CBIZ provides its clients with financial services including accounting, tax, financial advisory, government health care consulting, risk advisory, real estate consulting, and valuation services. Employee services include employee benefits consulting, property and casualty insurance, retirement plan consulting, payroll, life insurance, HR consulting, and executive recruitment. As one of the nation’s largest brokers of employee benefits and property and casualty insurance, and one of the largest accounting and valuation companies in the United States, the Company’s services are provided through more than 100 Company offices in 33 states.

Omega Exhibits at the Veterans Career and Wellness Expo

On Saturday, May 20, 2017, Omega Design exhibited at the Veterans Career, Wellness, and Education Expo at the Chester Counter Technical College High School in Downingtown, Pa.

The goal of the expo was "to connect returning veterans with the services and support they need and deserve. Many veterans are not aware of all that is available to them, and [this expo] is our part to inform them."

The Omega family has a long history of past and present employees and their relatives serving in the Armed Forces.  Omega's founder, Robert Woll Siegele, served in the Korean War as a Master Sergeant in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with the 578th Engineer Battalion.

Omega was proud to sponsor this event.

In Memoriam: Robert W. Siegele

It is with a heavy heart, that Omega says goodbye to its beloved founder, Robert "Bob" Woll Siegele, 88, who passed away peacefully early Friday morning, May 5, 2017 in West Chester, Pa.  Born on September 3, 1928 in Brooklyn, NY, Robert Siegele is survived by his family:

  • Wife: Joan of 63 years
  • Brother: William Siegele
  • Daughters: Robyn J. Caspersen (Randy), Karin M. Campbell (John)
  • Sons: Randall W. Siegele (Julie), Glenn R. Siegele (Sherri)
  • Grandchildren: Christopher, Andrew (Jen), Patrick, and Ali Siegele;  Kourtney, Jason Caspersen, Ashley Trout (Josh), Tiffany Harnisch; Justin, Jeremy, and Anna Campbell; Hannah, Emma, Mabel, Sarah, and Amelia Siegele
  • Great Grandchildren:  Jacob Trout, Marley and Xavier Siegele, Landon Campbell, Cole Robert Caspersen-Lewis

Funeral Service Information and Obituary Links will be posted here when they become available:

Did you know Bob? Consider sharing your happy or interesting memory with his family. All messages collected from this form will remain private and will be provided to the Siegele family at an appropriate time.

Spring Recap 2017: Omega is Proudly Committed to Educating Kids on Manufacturing and STEM Careers

Omega proudly supports Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) education and regularly engages with organizations to develop and support new and existing initiatives within the community.  Omega's workforce understands that knowledge is the key to a successful future.  Many employees wholeheartedly embrace the values behind STEM and will ask to volunteer whenever possible. 

Here is a recap of the events that Omega participated in during the Spring of 2017:


School Tour

In April, Omega's held its highly praised, 4th annual, Machines in Motion Tour. This half-day event gave more than 120 third grade students, from Owen J Roberts elementary school, the opportunity to see and experience the six simple machines (lever, wedge, pulley, ramp, screw, and the wheel and axle) in operation. Kids rotated through eight unique stations that included: catapults, bottle races, and weight lifts with pulleys.


Kids at Work

For the 2nd year, Omega hosted a Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (ages 8-18). The fun-packed day began with an egg-drop ice breaker, where pairs of kids used packaging materials to build a container that could hold and protect an egg from a 2-story drop. (FYI: No eggs survived). Later, the kids were engaged with team building exercises, a tour, job shadowing, and several opportunities to see the value of education.


Girls Expo

Girls Exploring Tomorrow's Technology (GETT) is an annual regional expo (for girls grades 5-10). Omega's women-led team ran a booth at the show for the second year. They shared stories of how their STEM careers are fulfilling, rewarding, and fun. Visitors at Omega's booth also learned the importance of packaging automation from machine videos on display and by engaging in a hands-on booth activity. More than 800 girls and 300 parents attended the event.

Design Contest

For its third year, Omega employees went to Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) to serve as volunteer judges in the annual STEM Design Competition (for grades 4-8). Twenty elementary schools in the region sent a team of four students to the competition, where kids used K'Nex snap-fit pieces and motors to assemble a custom structure that meets specific design criteria. Teams were then judged on their design, creativity, presentation, notes, aesthetics, and teamwork.

Video Contest

For its second year, Omega participated in the Chester and Delaware County What's So Cool About Manufacturing student-led video contest.  The initiative provides small teams of school students with a GoPro camera and assigns them to a local manufacturer.  The teams create short video profiles of their assigned companies and the career opportunities they offer.  Lionville Middle School team won the coveted "Cool Video" award for its profile of Omega.

Omega Delivers an Amazing Experience to Elementary Students for the 4th Year

Omega Design hosted its fourth annual Machines in Motion tour at its facility in Exton, Pa on Thursday, April 20, 2017. 

More than 120 third grade students, along with 30 chaperones and teachers, from East Coventry Elementary attended the half-day event to learn how Omega uses simple machines in manufacturing.  Students were divided into groups, which then rotated through eight diverse, hands-on stations focusing on packaging automation and the six simple machines (lever, wheel and axel, pulley, ramp, wedge, screw).

Each Spring since 2014, Omega has hosted this event to supplement lessons being taught in the classroom. The majority of Omega’s employees contribute in some form or another, such as acting as a tour guide, designing and running a tour station, communicating the event, and ensuring all guests have a safe and fun visit. 

Omega proudly supports Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) education and regularly engages with organizations to develop and support new and existing initiatives within the community.