Omega builds compact, highly versatile and fully automatic systems to collate, unitize, wrap and safeguard a wide array of packaging products.  Omega can band or shrinkwrap your product into bundles using a clear, low-density polyethylene film that provides product protection, bundle stability and looks great too.

In addition, with more than 40 years experience, Omega is prepared for your toughest infeed or discharge challenge, including:

  • 90-degree orientation
  • fifth-panel carton orientation
  • vertical carton stacking
  • lane dividing
  • inline bundle discharging
  • right-angle discharging
  • film perforation
  • bundle labeling
  • case packing

Omega's shrinkbundler with heat tunnel is available in multiple configurations and is ideal for protecting bottles, cartons and trays.

There are two styles:

  • Classic Shrinkbundler (pneumatic-control)
  • MMX Shrinkbundler (servo-control)

Stretch Banders | Stretch Wrapper

Omega offers a variety of Film Wrappers, including the all new Bandit - Omega's inline Stretch Bander that can securely wrap cartons individually or as bundles in a linear or stacked configuration. With no heat tunnel required, the Bandit occupies little floor space and consumes less energy than traditional shrinkbundlers.


Fifth Panel Orienters

The Fifth Panel Orienter (HFPO) is an integrated packaging machine that orients, nests, and groups cartons with a fifth panel.